Here are some comments from past clients which were gathered via my feedback process. They have been used anonymously with permission.

“Having carried around my problems stemming back from childhood, I have seen a few counsellors who I felt just didn’t grasp my problems, they just didn't get it. I felt awkward because I am male, like nobody understood my struggles or would accept me being so sad. Thank you Lynda, because you just so get it.”

“You have helped me realise I am not crazy! I am not as messed up as I thought. I just needed help to make sense of the craziness of life. Thank you for helping me put the pieces of my life in order.”

“When my Father died I became so angry and depressed. As you know I felt helpless and hopeless. You gave me the space and acceptance to explore some really dark thoughts. We explored those dark thoughts until we finally found some light. Thank you.”

“Thank you for introducing me to my ‘free child’ which I had managed to ignore and squash. I am now so much happier, less critical of myself and others. The little me is so alive. Life can be fun!!!”

“I was amazed to find someone who understood my ways of thinking. Helped me see these as distorted - not every thought is real, even though it feels like that! I was even more amazed to learn that there are whole books written about this stuff. Thank you for your patience, your challenges, the homework and not to mention your humour.”

“You have helped us both to see things from each other’s perspectives. The exercises you suggested actually worked! We will both remain very grateful.”

“I think your great at your job, easy to speak to. I liked the creative arty stuff we did when I couldn’t talk about things. You have helped me rock my world.”

“Thank you for helping me grab hold of my anxieties with both hands. It was pretty scary at times, the exercises and mindful meditation you taught me helped. Finally, I am learning to be in control of my anxiety.”

"I felt that I had found the place to come to get the help I needed and that someone would be working with me and supporting me. I felt relieved that I wasn't doing it on my own. Right from the very start I felt at ease, especially when I asked you at the first appointment, had you ever had counselling and you told me Yes, for a couple of years and it was very scary at first. You were very warm, genuine and human throughout"